Family Support Program
Program Implementation and Monitoring
Assessment and Analysis

Family Support

The IY&FP model of human transformation puts the family first by providing client based support often missing from traditional case management. We analyze the potential of the family and then seek to provide those elements needed to allow individuals to maximize their potential. This is done through direct one-on-one sessions conducted in the home, school, and other locations designed to achieve specific pre-determined outcomes in the lives of each family member. All activities are subsequently tracked and recorded in a database for monitoring and reporting. This approach requires substantially more time and resources than traditional case management, but pays off handsomely in terms of client and program success.

Each family member is supported by a well trained Family Support Coordinator (FSC). The FSC acts as counselor and coach in the following areas:

Basic motivation and life skills
Education, training, and employment opportunities
Career development and increased employability
Entrepreneurship promotion
Community and family responsibility
Disability connections
Youth education and character building
Senior health and recreation

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Program Implementation and Monitoring

IY&FP provides program design, implementation and monitoring services for organizations that desire to utilize their staff and resources in human transformation. We will customize a product with strategies that are designed to accomplish your program goals to include:

Identification of program goals and objectives
Evaluation of existing strategies and techniques
Implementation of new methods
Establish systematic measurements
Staff education and development
Development of electronic data tracking system

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Assessment and Analysis

Evaluating the current condition is a crucial first step in determining what is required for positive human transformation. Assessment services are available for agencies that desire a detailed account of the sociology of the population. Assessment services provide insight into potential opportunities and identify barriers that will need to be eliminated in order to achieve success. IY&FP will provide a comprehensive report that includes the collected data, analysis, and recommendations. This detailed report supplies the necessary information required to make informative decisions and provides a working road map for future services delivery.

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